Sunday, March 30, 2008

Colbert Report, March 6, 2007

Here's my March 6, 2007 appearance on The Colbert report.

LA Times, March 13, 2008: Boing Boinging around the Valley with Mark Frauenfelder

Boing Boinging around the Valley with Mark Frauenfelder

By Pauline O'Connor

Blogger Mark Frauenfelder has lived all over the world, but for the last four years, he's called Tarzana home. Here, the Boing Boing co-editor gives a tour of a few of his favorite Valley spots.

"The Farm is a petting zoo in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. They have ponies, goats, chickens, ostriches, emus, llamas and other farm animals. It's really ramshackle, and the neighbors hate it -- they're always getting complaints. The last time I was here, an ostrich tried to eat my camera, and a goat knocked my youngest daughter, Jane, to the ground trying to get to the cup of pellets she was holding. My kids think it's the greatest place on Earth." 8101 Tampa Ave, Reseda, (818) 341-6805

"My wife heard about this place growing up in the Valley, but had never seen it. Then one day we stumbled across it while we were hiking. The local high school kids call it the 'shroom room.' I don't know what the walls are made of, sandstone, maybe, but they're really soft, so everywhere you look, people have carved into them. There's usually no one else there during the daytime, but at night the teenagers take it over."

Half-mile from the southern terminus of Vanalden Avenue

"We used to live in Studio City, which we liked a lot. Then the guy next door built a huge mansion that totally blocked out our view, and it was all over -- we had to get out of there. We picked Melody Acres because you can still get a big lot for the kids to run around. And it's one of the few places zoned agriculturally. You can't raise cattle, but you can raise other farm animals. We're going to get a goat, and raise it for cheese."

Guardian Weekend, 2-23-08

Meet the New Wave Cybermoguls. Link to PDF of article

Boing Boing: Best of the Web

Boing Boing was a write-in for Business Week's 2006 "Best of the Web".

Who: Mark Frauenfelder, 45
Since: January, 2000
Known for: Posts about everything from media to new tech products. The slogan under the title describes the blog as “A Directory of Wonderful Things”
Recent post: “When I'm shopping online for a new camera or other expensive little box shaped item, I have trouble visualizing the size of it.... A new site called sizeeasy lets you enter the dimensions of the
gadget you're interested in and compare it to other common objects….” is edited and written by a group of four, including founder Frauenfelder, Cory Doctorow, Xeni Jardin, and David Pescovitz. All are current or former contributors to Wired. Frauenfelder was also the founding editor-in-chief of Wired Online.

Contributor's page from Wired, Auguest 2007

Here's the contributor's page for the August 2007 issue of Wired. I interviewed Martha Stewart about DIY. Link to Wired article

Friday, March 21, 2008

Article from LA Times about Carla and Me

Alex Pham of the LA Times wrote a profile about Carla and me, called "Sharing Tech's Whimsical Side." Click the image to read the article.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Synthetic Swan at Roq La Rue's “A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities“


I have a painting in "A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities," a group show that opens Friday February 8th at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle.

It's called "Synthetic Swan" and measures 24" x 16". It's cel vinyl on masonite, and is framed. Price: $1200. Contact gallery owner Kirsten if you want more information.

Roq la Rue is pleased to present a huge group show entitled “A Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities”. We asked our artists to create works relating to animals. The mysterious links we have with animals are integral part of our psychological make up. As humans we treasure them, fetishize them, turn them into symbols, anthropomorphize them, and at the same time inflict terrible cruelty upon them. We allow horrific injustices in slaughterhouses to occur and decimate their habitats, yet offer our children stuffed animals for comfort and have whole stores devoted to pampering your pet. The way we relate to the other creatures living on the planet relates directly to the way we view ourselves. This show, while leaning more towards the fanciful rather than the political, offers up a wunderkammer like display of creatures, while addressing many of the issues raised above.

Artists include: Femke Hiemstra, Travis Louie, Brian Despain, Amy Sol, Lisa Petrucci, Chris Ryniak, Chet Zar, Kozydan, Junko Mizumo, Liz McGrath, Kukula, Laura Plansker, Mark Frauenfelder, Christian Vanminnen, Mark Gleason, Nathan Ota, Catalina Estrada, Sarah Joncas, Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, John Brophy, Anthony Pontius, Jeremy Bennet, Jim Woodring, Heiko Muller, Javier S. Ortega

Link to gallery | Link to more photos of painting

Mark's "Map of Everything" print for sale at Slingshot Press


Slingshot Press is selling a signed and numbered print of my illustration "Map of Everthing." It costs $50 and is limited to 50 copies.

Here at Slingshot! Press, it is our goal to make art affordable for everyone so we have teamed up with 50 of your favorite artists to bring you 50 signed and numbered limited edition prints for the price of only $50 each. Doesn’t get much simpler than that! We will be releasing one new print each week over the course of the year.

Every print from Slingshot! Press is a gallery quality print on 100% archival acid-free velvet cotton rag paper. We use only archival inks utilizing a professional 8-color process. The final print is trimmed to size, protected in an acid-free poly cover and shipped in a flat box to preserve the print and protect it during shipping.